Online Research: Activities

Activities for all ages

  • Activity Pages: Nearly 300 print out paper activities - puzzles, books, mazes, coloring pages, cards, games.
  • Anagrams: If you mix up the letters in "garbage man" you get "bag manager" -- mix up the letters in your name and see what wacky phrases it makes!
  • Compose a Picture: Learn composition and create a landscape painting or explore the basics of color and design.
  • Creating Music: Create music, play musical games.
  • DoHistory: Can you decipher this old diary from a 19th century midwife?
  • Draw a Picture: Draw a picture on the online drawing pad. Check out the gallery of pictures drawn by others. Black and white.
  • Draw a Picture : Draw a picture -- but you may share the drawing pad with others. In color.
  • Free Paper Toys: From simple paper dolls to military vehicles.
  • JigZone: Daily online jigsaw puzzles.
  • Mind Reader: Can a website really read your mind? Pick a two-digit number, follow the directions and see for yourself.
  • NY Times Crossword Puzzle and Games: It the classic crossword puzzle -- a new one every week.
  • Puzzles: CRPuzzles - Daily puzzles - logic problems, criss cross, cryptograms, memory match, picture scramble, word search, crossword.
  • Read a Cartoon: Laugh - it's good for you! Tons of cartoons from the pages of many newspapers.
  • Roller Coaster: Set the height of the hills, the speed and mass of the coaster. Does your roller coaster make it through the loop?
  • Spirograph: Change the sliding bars and create new spirograph patterns.
  • String Figures: All you need is a piece of string to do string figures. This site shows you how.

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